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Sabatack® 720 - 600 ml sausage

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color: White
Size: 600 ML Sausage
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color: White
Size: 600 ML Sausage

Product description

Sabatack® 720 is a sealing and bonding kit, 1-component, elastic, (air) moisture-curing based on MS Polymer. The main application is sealing seams, overlaps and joints. Also suitable for simple gluing. Sabatack® 720 is medium viscous and permanently elastic.

Areas of application

Industrial and traditional vehicle and bodywork construction, marine, ventilation and air conditioning technology, electrical engineering, installation of equipment, metal and tin processing, plastics technology, environment & infrastructure and construction. Sealing seams, overlaps, joints and cracks. Elastic bonding of frames, profiles, plates, etc. For indoor and outdoor applications. Suitable for a quick seal immediately before painting.


Technical data 


MS-Polymer, (air) moisture-curing

Density(EN 542)

approx. 1,550 kg/m3

Solids content

approx. 100%

Skin formation time(23 °C, 50% RH)

approx. 12 minutes

Open time(23 °C, 50% RH)

approx. 14 minutes

Curing speed(23 °C, 50% RH)

approx. 3 mm/24 hours

Hardness in Shore A(EN ISO 868)

approx. 50

Volume change(EN ISO 10563)

< 5%

Modulus at 100% elongation(ISO 37/DIN 53504)

approx. 2.3 N/mm2

Tensile strength (Fmax)(ISO 37/DIN 53504)

approx. 2.8 N/mm2

Elongation at break(ISO 37/DIN 53504)

approx. 140%

Shear strength(ISO 4587)

approx. 1.6 N/mm2

Processing temperature

minimum + 5 °C to maximum + 35 °C

Storage temperature

minimum + 5 °C to maximum + 25 °C

Temperature resistance

minimum - 40 °C to maximum + 100 °C

Short temperature resistance

up to +180 °C (30 minutes)


Standards and inspections


  • UV stable, high temperature resistance
  • Can be painted over wet-on-wet, hardly any shrinkage
  • no blistering, low odor
  • does not contain solvents, isocyanates and silicones
  • primerless adhesion, fast drying
  • certification: Wheelmark (164.106/1121/WCL MED0327), ISEGA (related to HACCP)


For processing, paintability and pre-treatment of the surface, we refer you to the relevant application-oriented information sheets and pre-treatment tables.