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Sabaclean 48 (degreaser)

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Size: 1 litre
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Size: 1 litre

Product description

Sabaclean products are universal cleaning agents and can be used in combination with specific SABA adhesives. See the product sheet of the adhesive in question.

Areas of application

  • cleaning the materials to be bonded
  • cleaning/flushing of equipment
  • removing adhesive residue


Technical data

Basic organic flammable solventViscosity (EN 12092)approx. 10 mPa.sDensity (EN ISO 2811-2) approx. 0.71 Flash pointbelow 0 ºC Processing temperature minimum approx. +5 ºC Storage and transport temperature up to approx. +35 ºC Shelf life 18 months in unopened packaging


In addition to glue, SABA also supplies equipment, such as glue guns, pressure vessels, pumps, etc. This range has been compiled by the SABA Tech Center based on extensive testing and long practical experience. The right combination of adhesive and equipment gives you the most efficient processing and a high final quality.

Standards and inspections

Safety recommendation
For more information about safety aspects, please refer to the relevant SABA safety information sheet.

For optimal results, the surfaces to be bonded must be clean, dry, grease-free and at processing temperature. At a relative humidity above 70% there is an increased risk of condensation, which can negatively affect the final quality of the connection. When used as a cleaner, Sabaclean 48 can damage lacquers, paints and plastics. Pre-testing is therefore recommended.