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Sababuild® 650 - 600 ml sausage

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Color: White
Size: 600 ML Sausage
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Color: White
Size: 600 ML Sausage

Product description

Sababuild® 650 is a 1-component, permanently elastic, (air) moisture-curing sealant based on MS Polymer for sealing (working) joints in facades.

Areas of application

Sababuild® 650 is suitable for various applications in residential and commercial construction (indoors and outdoors) such as:

  • mutual sealing of poured or prefab concrete facade elements
  • sealing connecting joints in masonry
  • sealing connection joints at concrete lintels
  • sealing connection joints in metal, aluminum and/or plastic window frames



  • excellent processing and finishing
  • limited adhesion of (construction) dust
  • permanently elastic, hardly any shrinkage
  • can be painted over with water-based paint systems
  • no edge zone contamination (tested according to ISO 16938-1)
  • does not contain solvents, isocyanates and silicones
  • CE marking based on EN 15651-1, Type F 25LM INT-EXT
  • certification: ISEGA (related to HACCP)


For processing, paintability and pre-treatment of the surface, we refer you to the relevant application-oriented information sheets and pre-treatment tables.


Technical data

Basic MS-Polymer, (air) moisture-curingDensity (EN 542) approx. 1,455 kg/m3Skin formation time (23 °C, 50% RH) approx. 15 minutesCuring speed (23 °C, 50% RH) approx. 3 mm/24 hoursHardness in Shore A (EN ISO 868) approx. 25Volume change (EN ISO 10563)2%Max. permissible deformation (ISO 11600)25%Modulus at 100% elongation (EN ISO 8339)approx. 0.4 N/mm2 Tensile strength (EN ISO 8339) approx. 0.5 N/mm2Elongation at break (EN ISO 8339) approx. 230%Elastic recovery (EN ISO 7389) > 70%Processing temperature minimum + 5 °C to maximum + 30 °CStorage temperature minimum + 5 °C to maximum + 25 °C Temperature resistance minimum - 30 °C to maximum + 90 °C


Order information




600 ml (package 15 pieces)



(approximates RAL 9010)

light gray

(approximates RAL 7038)

pebble gray

(approximates RAL 7032)

concrete gray

(approximates RAL 7030)

quartz gray

(approximates RAL 7039)

basalt gray

(approximates RAL 7012)

black gray

(approximates RAL 7021)

Item no.101115 ON101120 ONon request101117 ON101118 ONon request101121 ONShelf life12 months (in unopened packaging)

Other packaging and colors available on request. The shelf life may vary for bulk packaging.

Standards and inspections

For more information regarding safety, please refer to the relevant SABA safety information sheet.