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SABA Sealer MB - 2.5 liters

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Size: 2.5 litres
Color: Black
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Size: 2.5 litres
Color: Black

Product description

SABA Sealer MB is a 2-component, self-levelling, highly chemically resistant, permanently elastic sealant based on polysulphide (approximately 60%) for sealing horizontal joints in paving constructions and/or applications.

Areas of application

SABA Sealer MB is especially suitable for sealing horizontal joints in paving constructions of (prefab) elements, including:

  • parking facilities
  • (highway) roads
  • airports
  • ports
  • gas stations
  • chemical plants
  • emergency reservoirs
  • industrial floors
  • stadiums



  • permanently elastic
  • resistant to motor fuels such as petrol, diesel, kerosene and LPG
  • resistant to defined solvents and chemicals
  • contains no solvents
  • UV stable
  • sustainable, reference period of 25 years
  • resistant to extreme climate/weather conditions
  • CE marking based on EN 14188-2, class AD and


For processing and pre-treatment of the substrate, we refer you to the relevant application-oriented information sheets and pre-treatment tables.

Technical data

Share APart BBasic

Density (EN 542)

Solids content


approx. 1,330 kg/m3 (black) / approx. 1,460 kg/m3 (gray)

approx. 100%

anorg. peroxide

approx. 1,620 kg/m3

approx. 100%

Processing time (23 °C, 50% RH)

Curing time (23 °C, 50% RH)

Hardness in Shore A (EN ISO 868

approx. 2 hours

approx. 6 pm

approx. 25

Volume loss (EN ISO 10563) < 2% Max. permissible deformation (ISO 11600) approx. 25%Modulus at 100% elongation (EN ISO 8339) approx. 0.3 N/mm2 Tensile strength (Fmax) (EN ISO 8339) approx. 0.6 N/mm2Elongation at break (EN ISO 8339) approx. 350%Elastic recovery (EN ISO 7389) approx. 90%Processing temperature minimum + 5 °C to maximum + 35 °C Storage temperature minimum + 5 °C to maximum + 25 °C Temperature resistance minimum - 40 °C to maximum + 120 °C

Safety recommendation
For more information regarding safety, please refer to the relevant SABA safety information sheet.

Standards and inspections

1. Certification

  • ETA 07/0124 for the liquid-tight sealing of surfaces for the storage, repackaging and filling of environmentally hazardous

SABA Sealer MB has been tested by the KIWA Polymer Institute and complies with FS S-SS 200E for use at airports.

2. Chemical resistance

Meets the requirements of EN 14188-2 for the following groupsLC1

Gasoline for spark ignition engines, super and normal (according to EN 228:2004-03) with a maximum of 5 percent by volume of bioalcohol

LC1aGasoline for spark ignition engines, super and normal (according to EN 228:2004-03) with a maximum of 20 percent by volume of bioalcoholLC2Aviation fuelLC3Fuel oil EL (DIN 51603-1), unused combustion motor oil, unused automotive transmission oil, mixture of saturated and aromatic, hydrocarbons with an aromatic, content ≤ 20 wt% and a flash point > 55°CLC3aDiesel fuel (according to EN 590) with a maximum of 5 percent by volume of biodieselLC3bDiesel fuel (according to EN 590) with a maximum of 20 percent by volume of biodieselLC4All hydrocarbons as well as mixtures containing benzene with max. 5 vol.% benzeneLC4aBenzene and benzene containing mixtures (incl. 4)LC4bCrude oilsLC4cUsed combustion motor oil and used automotive transmission oil with a flash point > 55°CLC5Mono- and polyfunctional alcohols (up to a maximum of 48 vol.% methanol), glycol ethersLC5aAll alcohols and glycol ethersLC5bSingle and polyfunctional alcoholsLC7All organic esters and ketonesLC7aAromatic esters and ketonesLC7bBiodieselLC8Aqueous solutions of aliphatic aldehydes up to 40%LC8aAliphatic aldehydes and their aqueous solutionsLC9Aqueous solutions of organic acids (carboxylic) up to 10% as well their saltsLC10Mineral acids up to 20% as well as acidic hydrolyzed inorganic salts in aqueous solution (pH < 6), except for hydrofluoric acids and acids with an oxidizing effect and their saltsLC11Inorganic alkalis as well as alkaline , hydrolyzed inorganic salts in aqueous solution (pH > 8), except for ammonium solutions and solutions of salts with an oxidizing effect (eg hypochlorite)LC12Aqueous solutions of inorganic non-oxidizing salts with a pH-value between 6 and 8-SkydrolLC13Amines and their salts (in aqueous solution)-Adblue, max. 35% urea in aqueous solution-Fuel E85, a fuel blend of 85 percent bio-ethanol and 15 percent gasoline