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SABA Primer 4518 (PP)

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Product description

SABA Primer 4518 is a 1-component primer for pre-treating polypropylene.

Areas of application

Marine, transport, construction and industry. SABA Primer 4518 is suitable for pre-treating polypropylene surfaces, such as MonoPan® and Twintex®.


Good adhesion to polypropylene

Always clean the surface to be bonded or sealed beforehand with Sabaclean 48.
Closing the packaging as soon as possible after use has a positive effect on the health of the product
processing properties and shelf life of the product. For further processing, please refer to the relevant application-oriented information sheets.

Technical data

Basic chlorinated polyolefin Viscosity at 23 ºC (12092) approx. 10 mPa.sDensity (EN ISO 2811-2) approx. 870 kg/m³Solid content approx. 2.5% Flash point approx. + 25 ºCOsolventsaromaticsDrying time (minimum)15 minutesOpen time (maximum)30 minutesConsumption approx. 100 g/m²Processing temperature minimum + 5 °C to maximum + 30 °C Storage temperature minimum + 5 °C to maximum + 30 °C Temperature resistance minimum - 40 ºC to maximum + 90 ºC

Standards and inspections

Safety recommendation
For more information regarding safety, please refer to the relevant SABA safety information sheet.