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SABA Crackfill gray

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Product description

SABA Crackfill is a hard 2-component, self-levelling filler based on epoxy polysulphide and is especially suitable for sealing and repairing shrinkage cracks, joints with limited effectiveness and wild cracking in concrete or sand-cement screed floors.

Areas of application

SABA Crackfill is especially suitable for sealing and repairing static dynamic shrinkage cracks, weak joints and wild crack formation in concrete and sand-cement screed floors and as a coating for floors. SABA Crackfill can also be used as a mechanically load-bearing top joint in the SABA Double Joint system, whereby the crumbling bonding surfaces are immediately repaired.

  • resistant to mechanical stress
  • wear-resistant properties
  • self-levelling
  • excellent adhesion to concrete
  • limited elasticity
  • contains no solvents
  • can be painted over
  • crack bridging
  • resistant to most chemicals


For processing and pre-treatment of the substrate, we refer you to the relevant application-oriented information sheets and pre-treatment tables.

Technical data

Part APart BBase epoxide polysulphide/amineViscosity (ISO 3219)approx. 75 mPa.sca. 900 mPa.sDensity (EN 542) approx. 1,580 kg/m3approx. 1,140 kg/m3Solid content100%100%Processing time (20 °C) approx. 2 o'clock

Duration of Polymerization

(23 °C, 50% RH)

approx. 12 hoursFinal strength (23 °C, 50% RH) after approx. 7 daysHardness in Shore D (EN ISO 868) approx. 40Tensile at break (DIN 53455)12 N/mm²Elongation at break (DIN 53455)approx. 30%Processing temperature minimum + 10 °C to maximum + 35 °C Storage temperature minimum + 5 °C to maximum + 25 °C Temperature resistance minimum - 40 °C to maximum + 100 °C

Order information

Packaging set (A + B component) Contents 2 liters (packaging 2 pieces) 6 liters (packaging 1 piece) Color gray gray Item no. 100270 ABG100270 ABE Shelf life 18 months (in unopened packaging)

Other packaging and colors available on request. The shelf life may vary for bulk packaging.

Standards and inspections

For more information regarding safety, please refer to the relevant SABA safety information sheet.