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OTTOCOLL® M500 - 310 ml cartridge

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color: Gray C02
Size: 310 ML Cartridge
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color: Gray C02
Size: 310 ML Cartridge

Product description

The first-class hybrid adhesive OTTOCOLL® M 500 is the ideal choice for elastic and stress-distributing connections between a wide variety of materials. Due to its very good adhesion and processing properties, the adhesive can be used without any problems on many surfaces, without pre-treatment with a primer. Bonding is even possible on damp surfaces. Once the adhesive has hardened, it is also extremely water resistant.

Areas of application

  • Bonding stone, natural stone and ceramics
  • Bonding lacquered and enamelled glass
  • Bonding of OTTOFLEX® sealing strip in the overlap area and with accessories such as sealing tape, sealing corners and sealing collars (according to the requirements of ETAG 022)
  • Bonding mirrors to ceramics, glass, plastic, stainless steel, aluminum, wood, concrete, etc.
  • Gluing window sills, skirting boards, moldings and stair steps
  • Bonding in bodywork and vehicle construction, wagon and container construction, metal and equipment construction, shipbuilding
  • Bonding near foodstuffs
  • Bonding and mounting of a wide range of materials such as wood, wood-based materials, plastics, metals and mineral substrates

  • Extremely water resistant
  • For bonding with high water loads
  • Very good adhesion to many materials
  • No pre-treatment required
  • Suitable for natural stone
  • Does not cause greasing of natural stone
  • Also adheres to damp surfaces
  • No lost working time because the surface has to dry
  • Elastic
  • Compensates movements
  • Silicone-free
  • Isocyanate-free
  • No health hazard
Standards and inspections
  • Safety declaration - tested for use near foodstuffs (ISEGA Forschungs- und Untersuchungs-Gesellschaft mbH, Aschaffenburg)
  • Suitable for applications in accordance with IVD-Merkblatt no. 12+19-1+21+24+30+31+35 (IVD = German Sealing Sealant Industry Association)
  • French VOC emission class A+
  • Declaration in "baubook" Austria
  • EMICODE® EC 1 Plus - very low emissions
  • See the sustainability data sheet for classification according to building certification systems